Stainless Collector

stainless collector
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Stainless Collector


It is often preferred with its use of stainless collectors, corrosion resistant and robust structure. It does not offer a suitable environment for bacteria to multiply and provides a healthy use by making it difficult for bacteria to hold on. The collectors used in water installations and the transmission of various substances are installed according to the usage area and the desired dimensions.

What Are Stainless Collectors Used For?

Stainless collectors are used to transmit water, gas, steam and oil flow with equal pressures. The distribution of the material coming from the main line with equal pressures ensures smooth operation of the system. They are known by names such as water collector, collector sets.

Stainless collector prices vary according to the intended use. As Energy Stainless, we are always at your service if you want to get price information. By contacting us, you can get pricing information and ask about any questions you may have.

Where Are Stainless Collectors Used?

Food production facilities


Water treatment plants

Residential areas (buildings)


With its stainless structure, the possibilities of use in such areas are wider. If a sterile transmission is desired in the area of ​​use, collectors are highly used. As Enerji Stainless, we are always with you with our stainless solutions.

Collector Manufacturing

The collector production can be produced as 304 quality stainless, 316 quality stainless or st37 quality steel upon request.

Regarding collectors, special production can be made for customer demands.


Our collectors can be produced exclusively besides our standard production. It can be designed and produced on demand in areas such as ornamental pools, high-rise structures, factories, pipelines, ships, shipyards. Collectors may have sleeve outlet, or flanges should be used in high pressure collectors.

What is a Collector?

Water distribution collectors are one of the basic elements of the mechanical installation.

Collectors are used to distribute fluid at equal pressure and flow to the main lines in mechanical water fire extinguishing, fuel oil, propane gas, steam installations. Pump collectors, hydrophore pump chassis, hydrophore tanks can be manufactured as complete packages in multi-pump hydrophore systems.

It is known by names such as collector sets, collector sets, water collector.

The desired number of mouths can be produced in special orders.

On request, collectors with or without valves can be produced.

Collector Types

Collectors can be produced as 304 klt stainless, 316 klt stainless or st37 klt steel upon request.

Regarding the collectors, special production can be made for customer requests. Regarding the collectors, special production can be made for customer requests. There is no TSE standard established for collectors.


Our collectors can be produced exclusively besides our standard production. Ornamental pools and high-rise site plaza, factory, etc. In cases, it can be designed and produced upon request. The collectors can be with sleeve outlet or flanges should be used in high pressure collectors.


Opportunity to open and close each circuit

Balanced distribution,

Easy, quick assembly,

Aesthetic solution

hygienic product

long life material

316 klt material is also compatible with acid and salt water

It can be used in drinking water in 304 klt material.


Operating pressure -MOP: Max. 10 bar

Operating temperature: Min -20 C, Max.150 C

Mounting position: Horizontal, vertical or inclined.

Flow Direction: From both sides.

Why Stainless Collector?

In order to prevent corrosion in the water group, making the hydrophore pump collector from stainless steel is the definitive solution.



Pharmaceutical factories

Detached buildings

Food production facilities


Dry cargo ships and tankers


Sports facilities


There is a need for an accumulation tank in many such constructions.

What does the collector set consist of?

A set is created by using unionized mini valves, collector plug, purger tap and collector clamp together.


The collectors should be placed in a central place. Collector diameter should be at least 2 diameters larger than the largest diameter pipe connected to it. Gövde The body diameter of the collector with outlet should be 1 ”. The collector length is selected depending on the number and size of the pipes to be connected to it.

The collectors should be placed in the most central place, the distance between the collector and the unit should be maximum 24 meters.

Even if it is not required technically, red colored mini-valve collector group is used in hot lines in the plumbing sector, while blue colored mini-valve collector groups are used in cold water lines.

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