Special Bolt Manufacturing

Special Bolt Manufacturing
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Special Bolt Manufacturing

Special Bolt Manufacturing is done by processing with high standards and quality in accordance with your requests. Our manufacturing processes and deadlines vary depending on the product’s feature, quantity and distance information. The special bolt production steps we do proceed a little differently than the standard bolt production. As the name implies, all the fasteners you need for special production are manufactured to our valued customers by producing them in wholesale or retail at high standards.

Special purpose bolt types

It is used in the automotive industry, construction equipment, all vehicles and industrial machinery and everywhere that requires connection. It is produced from C35, 41Cr4 or 42CrMo4 materials depending on its quality. The reason we call it special is that it is produced in different sizes than standard bolts.

Special Purpose Bolts

For example; Depending on the nominal size, the diameter of d2 can be large or small. There may be a cup hole at the end. It may be threaded in different pitches in different places on the same bolt.


Bolts are divided into three groups according to their tensile strength. These;

  1. Low strength bolts: These bolts are used in connections that do not require any features and will not bear loads. They are the cheapest fasteners on the market. There is no need to use washers with these bolts. Low strength bolts are supplied in the following standards.

DIN 7990

DIN 601

TS1021 / 9

ASTM A 307-61 Grade A


  1. High strength bolts: They are used for the connection of load bearing elements. Bolts in these standards are used in applications where vibration, shock exposure and bidirectional forces are present.

These bolts are supplied in the following standards.

DIN 6914- 8.8 Quality

ASTM A 325-65

TS 80-8G


  1. Alloyed, water supplied and tempered bolts: They are used in machinery and structural elements where very large alternative forces are applied. The main application areas are; Slip-proof connections such as machine bearings, coupling connections. Major standard numbers

DIN 6914- 10.9 Quality

ASTM 490- 64

What is Bolt?

What is it called bolt; The most indispensable product of the production sector can definitely be said as a bolt.

Disclosure It can be shown among the sine qua non, especially for the automotive, furniture or machinery sectors. Therefore, the parts produced for use in such areas must be integrated seamlessly with each other.

This, of course, is of great importance for the production of all kinds of bolt types imaginable with high quality. However, another unchangeable part of the bolts are nut types.

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At certain points of the produced parts, a number of holes are drilled specially, and the bolts are placed very carefully in these parts and nuts are added to the upper parts of them and the parts become uniformly integrated with each other.

For all these reasons, the material that will be used for the production of a bolt must be of high quality so that no problems occur when the parts that are integrated with each other are integrated.

For this reason, the place where these bolt types are taken, which is compulsory to be used in any field, becomes extremely important.

The high quality of the production prevents the bolt parts from separating. Therefore, you should prefer quality and affordable products, not cheap and low quality products.


A Quality Company:

Türkmaksan, which is the leader in this field, continuously produces high quality bolt types with its high quality materials that it has used for many years.

While producing bolts or any other fittings in this large and high quality company that sells both wholesale and retail, the priority is always customer satisfaction.

In this direction, these connection products are carefully supplied to every field with an extremely high quality service understanding.

As it is known, big sectors first produce the parts of these products for each different product they designed and then they bring together all these parts and reveal the product they want to put on the market.

For this reason, what will bring together all these parts produced are the fasteners produced differently from each other.

For this, different bolts or many other different fasteners should be made from high quality materials and also made of high quality materials.

Different Fasteners:

This shows how important it is for many different fasteners to undertake a very high quality production that assumes the most important role in assembling the parts of many different products produced in each sector. The right address for this should be the türkmaksan. It is possible to find all connection products within this large and high quality company within this field, either wholesale or retail, in a single address, with all its experience and great care in quality.

If a product is produced on behalf of the market, then it is more important than anything else to ensure that it is intact. In this way, there are no technical or some problems. Therefore, it is extremely important to combine each part with each other on behalf of this product. For this, whether it be a bolt as a fastening tool or a different fastener does not matter at all, it is extremely important to get a quality fastener. In this way, it becomes a leader with its product durability and quality. For this reason, our company solves all these problems and produces high quality connection products with quality materials.

Bolts for Large Products:

In particular, some areas are designed for huge products and for this, the parts that should be put together should be extremely durable in terms of durability. As an example of these, it is very important that the parts designed for many different steel structure types, the aircraft that are produced continuously or the most produced huge products, perhaps for the leading ships, remain intact. Of course, this will be bolt types. However, if only one of the fasteners that allow such large and gigantic products to come together and stand firmly together can be of poor quality, then the entire product may suddenly disperse or take great damage at the time of use.

For this, each of these connection parts must be of high quality, however, the parts must be combined and integrated in a very high quality. For such a sensitive situation, it is extremely important to make each fitting with the highest quality “bolts” or other fasteners.

For this, it is the most accurate address with every fastener that it produces.


The second element of bolted joints is nuts. Nut qualities are indicated by single numbers such as 4 6 8 and these numbers indicate 1/10 of the maximum tension that can be applied. Example: The maximum tension that can be applied on 6 quality nuts is 60 Kg / mm². Nuts should be used with bolts of their own quality value (Example 6 quality nut is used with 6.8 quality bolt). However, if the load to be applied to the bolt needs to be limited (Example: If the material to be attached or any parts are damaged in case of overtightening), in this case, the nut teeth can be stripped to be used as insurance in case of over tightening. If there is no such restrictive restriction, bolts can be used with high quality nuts. The nut width is 60% of the diameter. Most of the load on the nuts occurs on the threads near the tightening surface. The load on the back teeth is very reduced. Normally, there is not much load on the teeth after the sixth pitch. Therefore, large nut width is useless. A second nut is used only as a counter nut to prevent loosening.

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