Reduce Your Maintenance Cost with Aluminum Bronze …

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Steel Bush

Steel is the most preferred mine as an outer material in the bushing market. Such bushings are called steel bushings because the outer material used is steel. Steel bushings are the most produced bushings.

Steel bushings have always been advantageous over other bush types due to the low winding phenomenon and the low coefficient of steel material.

Steel Bush Sizes

Steel bushing dimensions have different values. Steel bushing is produced in standard and semi values ​​with zero margin of error in line with the demand from the dealer and user.

Steel Bush Manufacturing
Steel bushing is a manufacturing model that maintains its popularity rather than being a solid material, because it gives the desired performance in use and has a long service life.

The types of steel bushings are diversified according to the industries they are used in, according to the duties they undertake and the functions they add. You can contact us for the types of steel bushings you are looking for!

Reduce Your Maintenance Cost with Aluminum Bronze …
Friction machine equipment such as bearing, skid, bushing, gear etc. bronze solutions are used in the parts.

Cupral series offers 3 times longer lifetime compared to conventional tin alloys at low speed and heavy loads.

Eccentric presses are preferred in many applications such as bushings, rolling mill shear bushings, steel shop pot arm bushings, billet transfer slides, bearings of food machinery, hair rollers, due to their high abrasion resistance, low friction coefficients, high impact resistance and corrosion resistance.

From high impact resistance, Cupral 2 – Cupral 4M – Cupral 5M – Cupral 4 are used towards high abrasion resistance.
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