Gear Manufacturing

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Gear Manufacturing

As a company founded and managed by engineers, TÜRKMAKSAN understands and responses developing needs of its customers better than anyone.

When it cannot meet a standard product need of yours, it can provide alternative solutions via special design and manufacturing.

It uses latest technologies, processes sand methods to provide the best products available.

As a precise gear and mechanic component manufacturer, it makes perfect machining and heavy industry manufacturing processes from all aspects.

Expertness of TÜRKMAKSAN is not limited with mechanic components. It can design and manufacture special installations with world class quality and reliability.

Spur Gear

Spur Gear  varies from 0.5 module up to 16 module or consists of equivalent DP module capacity, for all spur gears from module 2 up to module 12:  Thread can be cut up to Ø1500 mm diameter, threaded profiles up to Ø800 mm are grinded, direction and profile controls are regularly performed.

Spur Angular Gear

Spur Angular Gear in Angular Gear manufacturing are cut from 1 module up to 22 module, and up to Ø750 mm diameter or equivalent ones are cut as DP, during manufacturing each gear group, trace controls are performed.Our products are manufactured as Ç8620 – Ç4140 -CK45 segmentation or tempered steels. Tempered steels are hardened with indication.

Helical Gear

Helical Gear varies from 0.5. module up to 16 module or consists of DP module capacity, all helical gears from 2 module up to 12 module are cut up to Ø1500 mm diameter, gear profiles up to Ø800 mm are grinded, direction and profile controls are regularly performed.

Worm screw and gear

Worm screw and gear manufacture of ours varies from 1 module up to 16 module and it is up to maximum 2000 mm, it is used in all sectors we work.

Spline Shaft- Axle shafts

Spline Shaft- Axle shafts and spline shafts those are used in engineering machines and reduction boxes, are important power transmission tools as required by their location.Because they transmit power and being under load all the time, materials of those shafts are highly important. In shafts taking place in our manufacturing, C4140 – C4340 – C8640 – C5140 materials are used in general.

İnternal gear

As internal gear, we produce ring gear and planet gears up to 10 module and Ø500 mm diameter.In gear manufacturing, Ç 8620-16 MnCr5-Ç 3315 segmentation steels are used as certified materials as main steel, liquid and gas segmentation are performed.

In our rack gear manufacturing, it is possible to cut gear up 6 meters and 18 modules, step of rack gears are cut with 0.01 precision.

Chain Gear

Chain Gear- Chain mechanisms are accepted as interim mechanism between gear wheel and belt or pullet mechanisms.It creates advantage as transmitting power and movement in long distances. Chain gears taking place in our manufacturing, they are manufactured with ASA and RH factors.

Timing Gear

Timing Gear- Materials of our trigger pulleys are exported GG25 cast iron and 7075 aluminum material, upon request, it can be manufactured from high alloy carbon steel or nodular cast.

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