Flange Manufacturing

flange manufacturing
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In order to answer the question of what is a flange, it is necessary to understand where and for what purpose it is used. As can be seen in the photo below, most of the flange connections are a connection element that allows the two pipes to be connected to each other with the help of bolts, so that they will boil to the pipe end in the pipelines.

In other cases, they are connected to the shaft end to transmit the rotational motion in one machine to another part. The purpose of using flanged connections is to fasten the connection points with bolts. Thus, in case of any change, change can only be made by removing the bolt connections without damaging the material.


There are flanges produced according to many different standards all over the world and there are dozens of different types within these standards. During the design phase, the following information is needed to determine the flanged fitting to be used;

What is the Main Material?

What is the corrosion condition of the medium?
What will the pressure of the system be?
What will be the temperature of the system?
What will be the use of the flange? (blanking, pipe connection, socket welding, use with collar etc.)
When the above points are decided, the order goes to order and the most suitable material for the installation is selected.

ASME Standards (American Standards)
EN – DIN Standards (European Norm and German Norm)

In EN Standards, a classification is generally seen according to the pressure class. PN 10, PN 16 etc. The word PN here means the Pressure Number in English. Looking at the American standard ASME, (#) sign is seen instead of PN. Examples such as 150 #, 300 # determine the flange pressure classes to ASME Standards. If we examine in a very general way, we can say that PN 16 can withstand pressures higher than PN 10.


Blind – Blind Flans
Threaded – Processed Flans
Socket Welding – Socket Welding Flans
Welding Neck – Welding Neck Flash
Slip-On Flans
Lapped Joint Flans

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