Crankshaft and Splined Shaft Manufacturer

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The crankshaft is a one-piece iron rod with pistons on it, with a “U” shape of 5-10 cm. The pistons are connected vertically to the “U” shaped parts of the horizontally standing crankshaft. The connecting angles of the pistons are about 90 degrees.

How does the crankshaft work? What is it?

As the pistons rotate the “U” shaped projections to which they are connected, the crankshaft rotates circularly in its menu. In other words, the crankshaft converts the linear movement from the pistons into a circular movement. This makes it the center of the power transmitted to all the wheels in the car. This crankshaft has an extremely important function among the engine parts.

The crankshaft also ensures the continuity of the idle engine’s mobility through the flywheel mechanism. The flywheel mechanism consists of a disc-shaped part. This component ensures that the engine remains in operation even when the engine is in neutral, ie the pistons are not running. In other words, the cars do not stop, thanks to the flywheel mechanism. For failure of the crankshaft. It may break between the crankshaft. The crankshaft, one of the most important parts in the engine, must be well balanced. Another important point is that the crankshaft is properly lubricated. It must be lubricated enough to prevent friction and wear.

Splined Shaft Manufacturer

Where is the splined shaft used?

They are used in the transmission of large moments, large forces, motor vehicles, overloaded speed boxes, etc. They work by moving along the shaft axis.

Splined shaft transmission shaft

A camshaft used in manual transmission

Clutch disc splined shaft housing

Clutch disc with toothed core to be coupled to the input shaft shown in the previous illustration. Splined shafts are used in a variety of places.

Splined shaft transmission bearing

Splined shafts are preferred where high torque transmission is involved. The amount of load that a shaft with many wedge grooves will carry will be more than the load you will carry with a single wedge and wedge.

Cardan coupling and splined shaft

Another area in which the splined shaft is used is cardan clutches

Cardan coupling wedge shaft for vehicle

Cardan couplings are used for rotational motion and high torque transmission in vehicles.

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