Injection Molding Process

Enjeksiyon Kalıp İmalatı ve Baskı Hizmeti
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Injection Molding Process

Mold Types As Türkmaksan; plastic toy molds, electronic goods molds, textile accessory molds, cosmetic product molds, automotive molds, white goods molds, lighting molds and small household appliance molds design and production.

Plastic Injection Mold:

These are the molds where the most plastic types are produced according to the purpose of use. The plastic raw material melted in the injection furnace can be injected into the mold with high pressure. The plastic takes the shape of the mold that cools inside the mold. The duration of this process is short enough to be measured in seconds. This method is very precise measurements. Washed products can be recycled and shaped again.

Vacuum Mold:

In the vacuum molding method, the plate produced from the plastics entering the thermoplastic group is heated and must be absorbed on the mold and take its form there.

Blow Mold:

The best example of blow mold is plastic bottles. Molten plastic flows through the furnace. It is trapped between the die and the compressed air is inflated into the mold at one point. The mold takes the form of a plastic mold that cools down.

Extrusion die:

The melted plastic in the extrusion furnace is continuously poured through the die and cooled by air or water at the die outlet. Window door profiles, hoses, electrical cables are produced by this method.

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